acute delirium

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a·cute de·lir·i·um

delirium of recent, rapid onset.
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acute delirium

Delirium that develops suddenly.
See also: delirium
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a·cute de·li·ri·um

(ă-kyūt dĕ-lirē-ŭm)
Delirium of recent, rapid onset.
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The clinical findings in acute delirium and EA are similar in many aspects, with a dissociative state and altered cognitive perception (20).
She was "just the patient I need," I muttered to myself as I drove away from the emergency room after admitting Joanna, a middle-aged alcoholic female in acute delirium tremens.
Acute delirium increased testing for causes of delirium (e.g., computed tomography, electroencephalograph, magnetic resonance imaging) (Francis & Young, 2014; Thomas et al., 2012), patient monitoring, and overall cost of care (Young et al., 2008).
First- and second-generation arttipsychotics have shown efficacy in treating acute delirium. Although more clinical experience has accumulated using first-generation agents such as haloperidol, a 2007 Cochrane meta-analysis (8) demonstrated equal benefit with second-generation antipsychotics, while noting a decreased incidence of adverse effects.
A patient presenting with loss of cognitive function should be evaluated for acute delirium as well as reversible causes of chronic memory loss.
(32) In a head-to-head study, risperidone was as effective as low-dose haloperidol for acute delirium treatment.

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