acute confusional state

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Acute Confusional State

A state of severe confusion or an abrupt change in mental status, due to either psychiatric or organic disease.
Clinical findings Lethargy, agitation, confusion, disorientation, delirium.
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acute confusional state

Acute brain syndrome Neurology A state of severe confusion or an abrupt change in mental status, due either to psychiatric or organic disease Clinical Lethargy, agitation, confusion, disorientation, delirium. Cf Dementia.
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In persons with hypertension (n= 32), we found haemorrhagic stroke is the commonest cause (31.2%) of acute confusional state.
The most frequent neuropsychiatric manifestations in our study were headache, acute confusional state, seizure disorder, and cerebrovascular disease, which were in accordance with the data of Steup-Beekman et al .[sup][9] Headache was one of the most frequent neuropsychiatric manifestations in NPSLE patients in many studies.[sup][10],[13],[21] However, some researchers believed that a headache was frequent in the general population and was usually unrelated to SLE.[sup][2],[27],[28] In our study, the headache was more likely to be present in the MRI normal group ( P = 0.026), indicating a poor correlation between a headache and MRI abnormalities.
of cases % 1 Episodic vascular type 10 19.23 of headache with or without vomiting 2 Headache due to raised 4 7.69 intracranial pressure 3 Crural monoparesis 4 7.69 4 Broca's aphasia 3 5.77 5 Broca's aphasia with 2 3.85 upper limb weakness 6 Hemiparesis 8 15.38 7 Hemiplegia 5 9.61 8 Homonymous hemianopia 6 11.54 9 Hemichorea 6 11.54 10 Acute confusional state 4 7.69 Table 4.
Delirium, or acute confusional state, is a common and serious complication of hospitalization in elderly patients.
Table 1 Neuropsychiatric manifestation of SLE NPSLE associated with Central NPSLE associated with nervous system peripheral nervous Aseptic meningitis system Cerebrovascular disease Acute inflammatory demyelinating Demyelinating syndrome polyradiculoneuropathy (Guillain-Barre Headache (including migraine syndrome) and benign intracranial hypertension) Autonomic disorder Movement disorder (chorea) Myelopathy Mononeuropathy (single/multiplex) Seizure disorders Myasthenia gravis Acute confusional state (<1%) Cranial neuropathy Anxiety disorder Plexopathy Cognitive dysfunction (55-80%) Polyneuropathy Mood disorder (14-57%) Psychosis (0-8%) Systemic SLE lupus erythematosus; NPSLE-Neuropsychiatric Systemic lupus erythematosus
Acute confusional states in elderly patients treated for femoral neck fracture.
(1) The most common events were headache, mood disorders, cognitive dysfunction, anxiety disorder, cerebrovascular disease, seizure disorders, acute confusional states, polyneuropathy, mononeuropathy, and psychosis.
Acute mood and behavior disturbances of neurological origin: Acute confusional states. Journal of Neurosurgical Nursing, 14(2), 61-68.
Transient cognitive disorders (delirium, acute confusional states) in the elderly.
Acute confusional states in patients undergoing hip surgery.

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