acute care hospital

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Acute Care Hospital

A UK hospital offering surgical and medical patient care for individuals facing an unexpected serious medical problem that needs immediate assessment and treatment. During acute care hospitalisation, patients receive a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan.

a·cute care hos·pi·tal

(ă-kyūt' kār hos'pi-tăl)
An inpatient medical facility providing therapy for severe illness or injury; average length of stay of 30 days or fewer.
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A long term acute care hospital such as this will provide a great healthcare setting for the patients and also will provide a valuable service to a patient's family.
Wheat, 40, began his career with Tenet in 1993 as an assistant controller at the company's North Fulton Regional Hospital, a 167-bed acute care hospital in Roswell, Ga.
Diaz also commented, "Kindred supports CMS's decision to re-weight the LTC-DRGs in a budget neutral manner as is done for acute care hospitals.
Regency Hospitals serve a crucial role in the continuum of care by caring for medically complex patients who need a longer stay in an acute care environment than the typical acute care hospital provides.
Patients are typically admitted to an LTACH following treatment in a traditional acute care hospital, and the average length of stay is 30 days.
Victoria Warm Springs Hospital, a 29,910 square foot long-term acute care hospital with 29 beds located in Victoria.
The agreement with Plymouth Health fulfills Tenet's promise to find a qualified buyer who would keep Alvarado Hospital Medical Center open as an acute care hospital.
LTACH Description: Long-term acute care hospitals are specialty care hospitals designed for extended stay patients with chronic conditions.
Located in the Nashville, Tennessee, suburb of Brentwood, Community Health Systems is a leading operator of general acute care hospitals in non-urban communities throughout the country.
Through its subsidiaries, Kindred Healthcare currently operates 80 long-term acute care hospitals, 253 nursing centers, 39 pharmacies and a contract rehabilitation services business.
The region includes five hospitals serving the greater Dallas area and a two acute care hospital system in El Paso.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 3, 2016-Universal Health Services to buy USD445m minority ownership interests in six acute care hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada