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Acute blood loss and hemorrhagic shock can be seen in both birds and mammals as a consequence of trauma, internal bleeding associated with neoplasia or ulceration, or coagulopathies due to toxicoses or liver disease or after surgical interventions.
1c] results, such as any condition that shortens erythrocyte survival (recovery from acute blood loss, hemolytic anemia).
This understanding may ultimately help us to devise new therapies for conditions that lead to abnormal RBC counts, such as hemolytic anemia, polycythemia vera, and acute blood loss, plus aid recovery from chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation.
Sudden acute blood loss, such as that which occurs with severe trauma or arterial bleeding, is totally different.
The NHLBI understands the human impact of a point-of-care blood sensor that can diagnose acute blood loss, sepsis, and other critical health conditions," said Eugene Y.
Optimal dose and dosing regimen of RHuEPO remains unclear, especially when treating critically ill patients with life-threatening acute blood loss and those with severe acute anaemia who refuse transfusion (10).
From a single drop of capillary blood, the product determines the concentration of hemoglobin -- a test used to diagnose acute blood loss, detect anemia and screen blood donors.
At that point massive uncontrollable fountain-like bleeding was encountered and both twins died of acute blood loss.
Red blood cells - the bulk of blood - benefit patients with chronic anemia or acute blood loss and usually have a shelf life of 42 days.
DALLAS -- HemoBioTech (Pink Sheets:HMBT) announced today the issuance of a new patent US 7,759,306 B2, "Methods of Treating Acute Blood Loss.
The study included 171 patients with acute blood loss who received up to 20 units of PolyHeme(R), or twice the blood volume of an adult, during ongoing bleeding.

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