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1 the fulfillment of a potential, as by a person who may develop capabilities through experience and education.
2 the fulfillment of the highest level of human needs based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs. actualize, v, [ak′cho̅o̅·əlīz′] .


Psychiatry The realization of one's full potential

Patient discussion about actualization

Q. My friend told me that people who allergic to dust are actually allergic to small insect. Is he fooling with me?

A. thanks :)

Q. It’s actually a real source of irritation to me. I can't stand. Any such experiences…. The cesarean incision done on my body is really sensitive. I avoid touching it. I try to wear clothes that come up over my scar line, and I hate it when my son steps on the area when we're playing. It’s actually a real source of irritation to me. I can't stand. Any such experiences….

A. I don't think I had sensitivity like you. As far as I can remember I was able to wear jeans once it healed. One thing that does set off the sensitivity for me is when my brother`s dog of the right height jumps on me and puts their claws over the area. I wish to know is that area sensitive or paining? Both make a lot of difference. Better consult with your physician.

Q. I wanted to know that do we have really very high pain and when does the pain actually starts? I am a very happy lady and more joyous when I found a baby inside me and soon I guess in 2 month I will see my child…now I am preparing for the last round of my pregnancy and before labor I wanted to know that do we have really very high pain and when does the pain actually starts?

A. Agree with elsa. It varies in each woman. some studies has proven that pregnant moms who are keep on exercising before and during pregnancy will have a significant reduction in labor pain.

even if you're a lil bit scared about the labor pain, you can consult that with your ob-gyn doctor, to help you look through the delivery process options. you can have vaginal delivery, or caesarean section, or regional anesthesia, etc.

good luck, and stay healthy always..

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The concept of particle/wave complementarity can provide a useful analogy in theological anthropology to talk about the relationship of body/ spirit, using the concept of wave function as potential and probability and particle as the actualization of one of those probabilities.
Creative actualization is said to exist in the same world as other natural objects and events, such as rocks, trees, and plant life.
Within the Christian community itself, Christian Psychology will want to develop conceptual and methodological innovations that are useful in promoting clarification, actualization, and translation and in avoiding colonization, ghettoization, and dysinterpretation.
Teaching for actualization of student learning is an incredibly complex process involving the interaction of at least three major components--students, subject matter content, and learning theory (Corrigan and Haberman, 1990).
It was the totalitarian experience that required the re-posing of the Tocquevillean question, that of the power of the people and the modalities of its actualization, but with an even greater apprehensiveness.
Another environmentally based barrier to implementing personal choice that people of color and women often face is that the actualization of career dreams can be expensive.
According to that document, actualization begins with a correct interpretation of what the scripture text meant for its own time, which is followed by three steps: hearing the text from within one's own situation, identifying the aspects of the present situation highlighted by the text, and drawing from the text the meaning in a way that advances the will of God.
Instead, an open, wide faced structure is needed to better reflect that self actualization is never ending.
This is important not just for the employees but for the organization as well because if the employees are properly trained, they will be able to achieve their career goals and as a result contribute to the actualization of corporate goals.
PESHAWAR -- The government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has repatriated the services of Mohammad Yousaf (Postal Service BS-19) Director PCHRL, KP Revenue Authority and directed him to report to ministry of Communication, Islamabad for actualization of promotion in BS-20 on regular basis, in the public interest, with immediate effect.
Tenders are invited for services for actualization actualization of computer training systems (CBS), and training programs for the position for nuclear power plants of JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom" and standardized training materials (UMM) to train plant personnel and contractors% safety culture issues