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n the control or custody of anything that may be the subject of property as owner or as one who has a qualified right in it.
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The legatee under particular title can request admission into actual possession to the reserve heirs, universal legatee, legatee by universal title who entered upon actual possession of the legacy or to non-reserved heirs who acquired the seizin and if the testator entitled another legatee under particular title with paying the legacy, the hand over will be asked to the latter, after entering into possession of the goods.
Adverse Possessor (AP) has been in actual possession of this clearing for the requisite statutory period.
Actual possession means the person is aware of the presence of the substance and:
Green, the Alaska Supreme Court stated: "Evidence of actual possession must be sufficient to alert a reasonably diligent owner to the possessor's exercise of dominion and control.
This kind of scheme is aimed at people who are occupying rented homes until they take actual possession of the purchased unit.
But the material fact on which ownership depends is not actual possession but rather the effective authority to control the agenda.
Section 9-211, the court noted, provides that a demand or notice may be served by personal service on the tenant or resident over the age of 13, by certified or registered mail with a returned receipt, or, if no one is in actual possession of the premises, by posting the notice on the premises.
The article concluded that delivery of cargo occurs only at the time the receiver takes actual possession of cargo.
In its order the High Court had asked GDA to maintain status quo on construction on the ground that the Uttar Pradesh Government had only given symbolic and not actual possession of more than 1,234 acre of land to GDA.
was in actual possession of the res at the time of refusing salvage,
The IRS concluded that the taxpayer's transfer of legal title to, and actual possession of, the stock to the counterparty pursuant to the pledge agreement was not sufficient to trigger a common law or constructive sale (under Sec.