activity synthesis

ac·tiv·i·ty syn·the·sis

(ak-tiv'i-tē sin'thĕ-sis)
The process of combining components of the human and nonhuman environment so as to design an activity suitable for evaluation or intervention.
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A manualized model that is guided by a National Advisory Council (NAC) and Participatory Action Committee (PAC) consisting of young adults and youth with lived experiences is informed by the findings of four activities of the development program: (1) a scoping literature review; (2) an innovative practices survey; (3) qualitative interviews with TAYYA to learn about the practices that promote career development, obstacles commonly faced, and critical times for service delivery; and (4) activity synthesis and consensus conference where all activity findings will be integrated and vetted through the NAC and PAC in order to reach consensus agreement regarding the critical features of career development for TAYYA.
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