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1. a restriction on an individual's activities.
2. (in plural) factors in a research study that may decrease the generalizability of the findings; they may be of either a conceptual or a methodological type.
chronic airflow limitation see chronic airflow limitation.
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A restriction or ceiling. See Salary limitation, Site limitation.
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The condition of being limited.

activity limitation

Functional limitation.

functional limitation

In rehabilitation science, any restriction in the performance of activities resulting from disease, injury, or environmental restrictions. Synonym: activity limitation; disability.

limitation of motion

The restriction of movement or range of motion of a part or joint, esp. that imposed by disease or trauma to joints and soft tissues.
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Patient discussion about limitation

Q. What is the limit........ What is the limit for a normal person to jump?

A. Next time you watch a basketball or volleyball game, notice how high the athletes jump to block a shot or spike the ball. Ever wonder if you could jump as high? Stand next to a wall with a short pencil in your hand and hold your arm as high above your head as you can, keeping your feet flat on the floor. Make a mark on the wall to note your standing reach. Then jump as high as you can, keeping your arm high above your head. At the top of your jump, make another mark on the wall. It works best to stand close to, but not touching the wall when you jump. The difference in height between the two marks is a measure of how high you jumped. You may be able to jump higher if you change how much you bend your knees before jumping. If you don't bend your knees much, you don't get much extra push. On the other hand, a deep crouch overstretches the thigh muscles, making them less efficient in pushing you off the ground. Experiment to find the amount of knee bend that gives you the most height. Swi

Q. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn? Hi, my wife Lee, 36 always wear sauna suit for very long walk in hot sun. I am concerned because she walks alone and takes diet pills to boost metabolism. Is there a limit to how long the suit should be worn?

A. While doing this, she should be very careful. Sauna suits help to keep the muscles warm and that is what causes the sweat and they do not necessarily promote weight loss. She has to keep herself hydrated! Ask her to drink tons of water because her body is rapidly losing it. In other words, the weight loss is more water which can be gained back very quickly. I would recommend weight training and cardio exercise at least 4 times a week. Also, exercising in the morning has great metabolic effects. Therefore, put an end to diet pills because they are not good for your wife!!

Q. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit? I have a doubt even after updating with the local news. Have alcohol-related crashes decreased in other states when they lowered the limit?

A. Wisconsin has seen nearly a two percent decrease in alcohol-related crashes and almost a fourteen percent decrease in alcohol-related fatalities a year after implementing a .08 law. Since South Dakota put .08 in effect in 2002, alcohol-related crashes have decreased by 2.1 percent from the average of the previous three years.

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The results for activity, as measured with the SALSA scale, demonstrated that 33-3% of participants did not present significant activity limitation. A third of participants reported a mild limitation, while 14% were moderately limited, 11-1%, severely limited and 8-3% showed extremely severe limitations (Figure 2a).
Therefore, the primary aim of this pilot study was to describe the effects of GI on thoracic range of motion and secondarily on lung function, lumbar and cervical range of motion, disease activity, activity limitations, and health perception in patients with AS.
The focus of physiotherapy management for activity limitations appeared to be on lower limb function and mobility, as upper limb functional deficits had the lowest overall alignment of the activity limitations.
The physical characteristics, static and dynamic endurance, pain intensity and activity limitation scores of all the participants are presented in table 1.
Chronbach's alpha of three of the four CDC HRQOL-4 items (i.e., physically unhealthy days, mentally unhealthy days and activity limitation days) was 0.69 among CLBP patients.
We present and discuss results of the control variables for the activity limitation models, as this seems the most plausibly exogenous measure of health.
Class III patients with a mean concentration of 459 pg/mL will have a marked activity limitation; they will be comfortable only at rest.
There are gender differences in the specific conditions that women and men report as the main cause of their activity limitations. Both sexes report back disorders as the most prevalent main cause of disability.
On the other hand, to the extent that researchers use a more general activity limitation measure, individuals who have employers accommodate their work limitations are still likely to have limitations on other activities.
The most common reason cited for the activity limitation was risk of traumatic loss of function of the remaining kidney.