activity group

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ac·tiv·i·ty group

(ak-tiv'i-tē grūp)
A treatment modality in which a group of clients is assembled to share common concerns or problems related to the acquisition or maintenance of performance components and occupational skills.
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The activity group changes its target profiles and attack geographies based on geopolitical seasons, and may attack institutions all over the world, says the Security Intelligence Report.
Those who are deemed fit enough to be able to do some work after a work capability assessment are placed in the work related activity group where they have to attend certain meetings and hit certain work-related targets in order to receive and keep receiving support.
The physical activity group also had a 28 percent lower risk of persistent mobility disability, indicating that exercise helps people recover after they temporarily lose mobility.
Patients were classified into low, moderate and high activity groups (each 25 patients) based on DAS28 criteria.
Activity Group 2: Consolidate partnerships with relevant UN agencies, governments and CSOs The programme developed will encompass joint project ideas with a multitude of partners.
The "assessment" activity group had the greatest amount of activities, with n=195 totaling 469 minutes, and a mean of 2.
Improvements were also seen in both study intervention groups at 6 months in concentrations of HDL cholesterol and triglycerides, more so in the diet and activity group than in the diet alone group, although these values were similar between the groups at 12 months.
About a year ago, I began accompanying my mom to one of her weekly evening activity groups.
The Air Force did not follow DOD's regulation on calculating carryover for its depot maintenance activity group, which affected the amount of allowable carryover and actual carryover by tens of millions of dollars and whether the actual carryover exceeded the allowable amount as reported in the fiscal year 2004, 2005, and 2006 budgets.
Compared to those who engaged in low levels of activity, life expectancy for the medium activity group was 1.
com @EmmaDavison10 A NEW community activity group has been created for people living in Mount.