activity group

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ac·tiv·i·ty group

(ak-tiv'i-tē grūp)
A treatment modality in which a group of clients is assembled to share common concerns or problems related to the acquisition or maintenance of performance components and occupational skills.
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4 sanctions for every 1,000 claimants in the work related activity group, rising to 74.
Activity Group 3: Finalise programme document and project management tools Building on the desk review in
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Parity Activity Group will conduct testing focused on their approved Best Practice documents and associated Test Case documents for SIP Video Profile, Role Based Video Streams in SIP, and SIP Security, plus additional ad hoc testing for SIP, H.
If you have a condition which is getting worse, you may be able to go into the Support Group instead of the Work-related Activity group.
hill-arity Children gather on a wall at Castle Hill and (below) the activity group members work on the Castle Hill Dragon Children's activity week at Castle Hill
When examined by activity group, however, IDC found the impact to be focused on maintenance and support, implementation, and operations, while planning and IT education and training will remain relatively resilient against the offshore trend.
The SIP Parity Activity Group testing was comprised of more than 24 product teams from companies including Acme Packet, BlueJeans, Cisco, Huawei, LG, Lifesize, Magor Corporation, Polycom, RADVISION, Teliris and Vidyo.
Activity Group 1: Desk review, partner mapping, and policy research Desk review of: UNV s previous and current work in Community Resilience for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction, including all previous evaluations; UNDP s draft global and regional programmes, and those of other key agencies in this sector; and policy research in this sector.
A group of volunteers from Sunderland College organised the contest as part of their Together Activity Group (TAG) project, which aims to get students with learning difficulties and disabilities into sport.
The Welfare Reform Bill proposes two changes to contribution-based ESA: To limit to 12 months the period for which people in the Work Related Activity Group can receive contribution-based ESA; to remove the special contribution criteria for ESA youth claimants.
In the lowest physical activity group, less than half, or 49 percent, walked fast enough to cross the street before the light changed.