activity group

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ac·tiv·i·ty group

(ak-tiv'i-tē grūp)
A treatment modality in which a group of clients is assembled to share common concerns or problems related to the acquisition or maintenance of performance components and occupational skills.
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If you have a condition which is getting worse, you may be able to go into the Support Group instead of the Work-related Activity group.
GAO identified five primary factors that showed why the Air Force depot maintenance activity group's average price increased from $119.99 per direct labor hour of work in fiscal year 2000 to $237.84 per hour in fiscal year 2004.
Claimants in the Work-Related Activity Group whose entitlement to contributionbased ESA ended after 12 months could get incomerelated ESA, if eligible.
The course run for the mums at the Springfield Activity Group was the latest in a series of courses being run by the Community First Partnership.
The Friends of Springwood Activity Group meet regularly at Greenhead College and students host the gathering as part of voluntary enrichment activities.
People classified as "inactive" had an 11% higher risk of dying of cancer than those in the "low-volume" activity group. Cancer deaths fell by 1% for each additional 15 minutes of daily exercise after the first 15 minutes.
The high activity group reported participating in an aerobic activity for a minimum of 180 minutes per week for the past 10 consecutive years, and the low activity group told investigators they had no history of regular exercise and currently spent less than 90 minutes a week in any physical activity.
The brief was to design a postcard that inspires young people to become involved with a new outdoor activity group for 16-25 year olds working on the Tees Corridor nature reserves of Portrack Marsh and Maze Park.
Twenty young people from the Greenhouse Project's Out of School Activity Group will be given pounds 24,000 to make three short films under the guidance of professional filmmakers at First Light Movies.
MEMBERS of Leamington's Senior Citizens' Activity Group, who meet every Friday morning in the Royal Spa Centre in the town, are to celebrate the group's 25th anniversary this week with a cake-cutting ceremony.