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n a graphic representation of a sequence of operations using symbols to represent the operations. Flowcharts often symbolize the most important steps of the process with-out detailing the algorithm of the way the work is to be performed.
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Activity charts occupy an intermediate position in this spectrum because they contain regular activities and data stores just as DFDs do, but their control activities can store, test, and update data as well.
Block diagrams are similar to DFDs and activity charts in that they all represent a hierarchy of system functions and their communications.
Collaboration diagrams differ from DFDs, activity diagrams, activity charts, and block diagrams because their nodes represent objects, not activities.
What a difference a year makes--the branded activity chart one year on shows a somewhat different story.
Cadbury continues to lead the overall activity chart with promotional offers across all retailers in the biscuits/cakes, chilled, confectionery, frozen and grocery categories.
The free Fitbit app, available on all iPhones and Android devices, now allows you to track activity charts and leaderboards and log food and other workouts on the go.
5 million liquidity and Umm Al-Qura Cement Company with trades over 18 million again led the activity charts.
With more than 60 data points available for each property, including historical pricing; cost per square foot and neighborhood sales activity charts -consumers are armed with the details necessary to make informed property comparisons and smart real estate decisions.
Appendixes include a glossary of film terms, blank activity charts, and an annotated resource list.
With just a few clicks, employers can view screen captures and search activity charts to ensure workers are using computers appropriately.
One look at the notable options activity charts below would lead one to think that this observation is going to focus on Altria (MO), but that isn't going to happen.
Use Case Diagrams may be linked to Statemate MAGNUM Activity Charts, allowing the user to quickly build an executable behavioral model that can be linked to automatically generated GUIs for simulation.