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adjective A term of art defined by users in different fields:
Referring to the presence of neutrophils in gastric biopsies. Active is loosely equivalent to “acute” and often indicates infection by Helicobacter pylori.

Not passive; not expectant, as in active disease, which contrasts to quiescent disease.


A term of art defined by users in different fields. In gastroenterology, active refers to presence of neutrophils in gastric biopsies. Active is loosely equivalent to “acute” and often indicates infection by Helicobacter pylori.
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adjective Not passive, not expectant
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A brand name for testing strips for blood glucose in the range 0.6 to 33.3 mmol per litre.
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Q. Are there any nice activities for adults with autism? I've been helping a very nice man of 45 of years old and I'm looking for some new things I can do with him in our time together. any ideas?

A. Autistic people react wonderfully with animals. for instance- i saw a group of severe Autistic teenagers going to swim with dolphins. the effect was amazing! taking him to the zoo, or even to the park to feed ducks, pet dogs, whatever.. could have a great effect on him.
hope i helped!
tell me how it went.

Q. what is a passive smoking? and is it dangerous as an active?

A. Passive smoking is the exposure to cigarettes smoke emitted from cigarettes smoke by other person. It's dangerous and may increase the risk to several diseases similar to active smoking (one's exposure to smoke emitted from the cigarettes he or she is smoking) although the risk is of lower magnitude. Example for passive smoking is children of smokers etc.

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Q. i swim a lot ! what are the advantages of swimming over other sport activities? on what part of the body does it work the most ?

A. its a good workout but your not really going to burn as much calories as a regular work out.

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Normally, CH.6 is the default configured working channel on the most Wi-Fi APs, which has the best high-quality activeness. The detection and selection procedure is divided into a 5-minute detection phase and 55minute selection and monitoring phase.
First, managerial perceptions of customers' environmental activeness entail perceptions of customers' actual demand for green products, customers' engagement in actively searching out green products, customers' willingness to invest in premium priced green products and customers' readiness to adapt existing daily routines in order to preserve the environment.
Another personality trait, called Dynamism and activeness, was associated with neck-pain prognosis.
"I noticed substantial changes in his behavior, as he had lost his enthusiasm and activeness. He always wanted to sleep, and had no desire to go outside to play," he said.
Pointing to the announcement made by the Iranian Foreign Minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, who said on Saturday that Iran is ready to hold talks with the six major world powers over its nuclear program "in late October or early November", Mehman-Parast said, "We have proposed this span of time and if the other side is interested in talks, it should then show more activeness and seriousness in a bid to put this issue into effect."The remark by the Iranian spokesman came in response to Washington's earlier indications that this is Iran and not the West which evades the resumption of talks.
The drug, which is described by some as more addictive than crack cocaine, is said to increase alertness, activeness and sexual arousal, but over-use can lead to heart problems, high blood pressure, paranoia and psychosis.
The state's activeness in supporting innovation and other opportunities for innovation are observed, as are the readiness of companies to invest in innovation and the readiness of businesses to co-operate in the name of innovation amongst themselves and with the public sector.
Italy, China, United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands are among the main foreign countries that will showcase their recent activeness in the related field, he added.
"This campaign stands out for its pluralism, openness and the activeness of the citizens," an election official told the AFP news agency, requesting anonymity.
Trading remained thin as the trading volume was below the 3 trillion yen mark, an index indicating activeness of the market, for the 17th straight days.
of Kansas) with help from colleagues and parents, discusses ways to include children with the disability in general classrooms despite social difficulties that may range from social withdrawal and detachment to unskilled social activeness. Among their topics are adaptations for success, environment modification, emotional and behavioral supports, assistive technology, and issues in transition through the years.
For the entire sample, correlations revealed that alcohol abuse was significantly associated with the following variables: GPA, activeness of faith in religion, and social support.