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/ac·tive/ (ak´tiv) characterized by action; not passive; not expectant.


adjective A term of art defined by users in different fields:
Referring to the presence of neutrophils in gastric biopsies. Active is loosely equivalent to “acute” and often indicates infection by Helicobacter pylori.

Not passive; not expectant, as in active disease, which contrasts to quiescent disease.


A term of art defined by users in different fields. In gastroenterology, active refers to presence of neutrophils in gastric biopsies. Active is loosely equivalent to “acute” and often indicates infection by Helicobacter pylori.


adjective Not passive, not expectant


A brand name for testing strips for blood glucose in the range 0.6 to 33.3 mmol per litre.


not passive.

active principle
the drugs or chemicals in a pharmaceutical preparation that exert an effect pharmacologically; as distinct from the inert fillers, wetting agents and other excipients also often included.
active site
that region of a protein, usually an enzyme, that binds to another molecule such as the substrate of the enzyme.
active transport
the movement of ions or molecules assisted by a carrier protein across the cell membranes and epithelial layers, usually against a concentration gradient, resulting directly from the expenditure of metabolic energy. For example, under normal circumstances more potassium ions are present within the cell and more sodium ions extracellularly. The process of maintaining these normal differences in electrolytic composition between the intracellular fluids is active transport. The process differs from simple diffusion or osmosis in that it requires the expenditure of metabolic energy.

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Q. Are there any nice activities for adults with autism? I've been helping a very nice man of 45 of years old and I'm looking for some new things I can do with him in our time together. any ideas?

A. Autistic people react wonderfully with animals. for instance- i saw a group of severe Autistic teenagers going to swim with dolphins. the effect was amazing! taking him to the zoo, or even to the park to feed ducks, pet dogs, whatever.. could have a great effect on him.
hope i helped!
tell me how it went.

Q. what is a passive smoking? and is it dangerous as an active?

A. Passive smoking is the exposure to cigarettes smoke emitted from cigarettes smoke by other person. It's dangerous and may increase the risk to several diseases similar to active smoking (one's exposure to smoke emitted from the cigarettes he or she is smoking) although the risk is of lower magnitude. Example for passive smoking is children of smokers etc.

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Q. i swim a lot ! what are the advantages of swimming over other sport activities? on what part of the body does it work the most ?

A. its a good workout but your not really going to burn as much calories as a regular work out.

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This allegation can be, and has been, made with respect to both actively managed funds and passively managed funds.
Therefore, because actively managed funds are almost always more expensive than their passively managed counterparts, plan fiduciaries naturally have reservations about offering them to plan participants.
Taken together, these findings reflect dramatically diverging perspectives between residents of countries with high percentages of actively disengaged employees and those in countries with higher percentages of engaged employees.
The bad news: Engagement results among Australian employees fall far short of engagement levels in the best companies in Gallup's global database, which have ratios of up to nine engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee.
Many faith groups have been opposed to the change, but a statement signed by a number of organisations including representatives of the Hindu Council of Wales, Muslim Council for Wales, Jewish community and Buddhist Council of Wales, said they would actively be promoting organ donation and the changes.
Deep hooking and angling success when passively and actively fishing for stream-dwelling trout with baited J and circle hooks.
By the same token, there are those exchange-traded products (ETPs) that are technically actively managed since they don't track indexes, but whose objectives are to simply deliver market returns.
In contrast, just 33% of actively disengaged German workers strongly agree.
The study found that 43 percent of actively religious respondents remained Seriously committed to giving in the face of economic uncertainty, compared to 23 percent of those who were not religious at all.
But push back is coming from other lawmakers, including southern legislators, who argue this would not be equitable for those maintaining several jobs to make ends meet--64 House members, many from the South, signed a letter to USDA last month opposing any change to the definition of an actively engaged farmer.