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The Chicago-based research firm says its Active/Passive Barometer -- released every six months -- does not aim to settle the active-passive debate, but it does try to assess "investors' odds of succeeding with active managers across asset classes, periods and fee levels.
A system of sensors installed on and below the sea's surface to detect terrorists attempting to climb onto the gas rigs, and an active-passive obstacle field around the installation.
NASA missions and projects supported under the ESES II contract include Global Precipitation Measurement, Magnetospheric MultiScale, Landsat Data Continuity, James Webb Space Telescope, Soil Moisture Active-Passive, Soft X-Ray Spectrometer for ASTRO-H, and the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System.
The topics include a comparative study of precipitation hardened and equal channel angular pressed powder metallurgical aluminum alloy samples, evaluating residual stress during fatigue test of a shoot peened steel sample, developing an amorphous and microstructured surface layer by laser surface treatment, simulating grain coarsening using one-dimensional cellular automaton, and optimally balanced active-passive corrosion protection by zinc-rich paint coatings featuring proper hybrid formulations with polypyrrole modified carbon nanotubes.
The two metals are similar in electronic configuration, and both have active-passive behaviors in aqueous solutions, so Ghali (mining, metallurgy, and materials engineering, Laval U.
Both Stephens and Sweeney emphasized that many of their existing clients in Aerospace, Defense and Healthcare have asked for a unified active-passive RFID software platform for multiple uses, ranging from tool tracking to work-in-process.
According to the company, Terascala has already qualified RAID's compact Razor system for use with the integrated, active-passive redundant metadata server architecture of its MTS 1000 solution, which provides high performance and reliability for the most critical component of the system.
Diachronically passive constructions develop secondarily from various sources--for example, middles--and synchronically there are numerous languages that do not have a formal system for an active-passive opposition, even while showing other types of voice opposition; 4) constructions such as reflexives are voice constructions par excellence (see text).
Unlike SiliconStor's active-active approach, first generation FC-to-SATA solutions used an active-passive approach, where only one host port is actually connected to the device port, while the other host port remains on hold in case of a single failover.
The Court allowed recovery based on the active-passive negligence dichotomy and held that the failure of the contractor (Coastal Marine) to keep the ramp clean from its work barge to the shore was active negligence and was the proximate cause of Behm's injury.
Toxic-shock syndrome in Minnesota: results of an active-passive surveillance system.
Also supported are active-active and active-passive clusters to provide stateful failover and ensure high availability for mission-critical applications.