adenosine 3'-phosphate 5'-phosphosulfate

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a·den·o·sine 3'-phos·phate 5'-phos·pho·sul·fate (PAPS),

(ă-den'ō-sēn fos'fāt fos'fō-sūl'fāt),
An intermediate in the formation of urinary ethereal sulfates, notable for containing a "high-energy" sulfate bond; the 3'-OH of adenosine is replaced by -OPO3H2 and the 5'-OH by -OP(O2H)-OSO3H.
Synonym(s): active sulfate
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Generally speaking, a 10% active sulfate system will require about 1-2% of alkanolamide and 1-3% sodium chloride to reach or exceed a viscosity of 10,000 cps.
Active sulfate reduction in Postgate's Medium B is evidenced by the production of Fe[S.sub.2] that appears as a black precipitate in the growth medium.
Toad skin is capable of active sulfate influx from a Ringer's solution containing 1 mmol [1.sup.-1] [SO.sub.4], using an anion exchange mechanism (Larsen and Simonsen, 1988).
Bidigare and Biggs (1980) determined that active sulfate loss from the ctenophore Beroe cucumis could be compensated by isosmotic chloride exchange.
The co-substrate and active sulfate donor was radiolabeled 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (([sup.35]S)PAPS) 7[Mu]M (2145 dpm/pmol) in the presence of pyrophosphatase and sulfatase inhibitors and 10 mM [Mg.sup.2+] buffered at pH 6.3.