active recovery

ac·tive re·cov·er·y

(ak'tiv rĕ-kŭv'ĕr-ē)
Exercising with gradually diminishing intensity immediately after a bout of vigorous exercise; facilitates lactate and metabolic waste removal by maintaining blood flow in muscles during recovery.
Synonym(s): active cool-down, tapering-off.
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(2009) Active recovery effects by previously inactive muscles on 40-s exhaustive cycling.
Each workout incorporates dynamic strength and cardiovascular training with active recovery techniques targeting all major muscle groups.
When we had Luis Suarez here on an active recovery second day he would have needed to do some extra work and that made him available and we were happy with that.
Several authors [4,5] have reported better performances when active recovery (AR) was applied.
Recovery is commonly divided into active recovery and passive recovery, which complete each other and accelerate biological regeneration.
So you do that for, say, 20 seconds, and then you go to a point which is called active recovery, where you're doing exercises like lunges and squats.
But here the young men start taking the steps that will facilitate the move to the next phase, from landing a job or volunteer activity to establishing linkages with New Haven's active recovery community.
Helps with active recovery, it allows you to perform a different sport or exercise on your "off" days to help the muscles get rid of any lactic acid and other effects of exercise
active recovery from high-intensity intermittent exercise (like interval running) has been shown to offer benefits that all-out rest between sprints does not offer.
A partnership of stakeholders and the Fish and Wildlife Service's Chicago Ecological Services Field Office took root over 10 years ago and has blossomed into an active recovery program for the eastern prairie fringed orchid (Platanthera leucophaea).
The week away will still basically be an active recovery session.
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