active prophylaxis

ac·tive pro·phy·lax·is

use of an antigenic (immunogenic) agent to stimulate the immunologic mechanism.
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Two of 199 men without HIV infection who received the active prophylaxis contracted HIV during a median of 9.3 months follow-up (incidence, 0.91/100 person-years), compared with 14 of 201 who received placebo (incidence, 6.60/100 person-years; relative reduction, 86%), Dr.
The authors combined the results of all studies that compared active prophylaxis with control so that they could analyze prophylaxis vs no prophylaxis.
If active prophylaxis is considered due to perceived further risk, a single dose of LMWH prior to departure or fitted below-knee graded compression stockings may be used.
Therefore, active prophylaxis cannot be generally recommended, and the need for it must be determined on a case-by-case basis.