active movement

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1. an act of moving; called also motion.
2. an act of defecation.
active movement movement produced by the person's own muscles.
ameboid movement movement like that of an ameba, accomplished by protrusion of cytoplasm of the cell.
associated movement movement of parts that act together, as the eyes.
brownian movement the peculiar, rapid, oscillatory movement of fine particles suspended in a fluid medium; called also molecular movement.
circus movement the propagation of an impulse again and again through tissue already previously activated by it; the term is usually reserved for the reentry involving an accessory pathway.
molecular movement brownian movement.
passive movement a movement of the body or of the extremities of a patient performed by another person without voluntary motion on the part of the patient.
vermicular m's the wormlike movements of the intestines in peristalsis.
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ac·tive move·ment

1. movement effected by the organism itself, unaided by external influences.
2. in physical therapy, a movement that is effected entirely by the patient's muscles, often with the guidance of the therapist.
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ac·tive move·ment

(aktiv mūvmĕnt)
1. Motion effected by the organism itself, unaided by external influences.
2. In physical therapy, a movement that is effected entirely by the patient's muscles, often with the guidance of the therapist.
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After training, desynchronization shifted from bilateral to ipsilesional sensorimotor areas, and active movement of the affected hand shifted from contralesional to ipsilesional sensorimotor areas, as compared with pretreatment assessment.
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Other results suggest that capsule ligamentous and musculotendinous mechanoreceptors in the shoulder joint have significant function in proprioception feedback during active movements in subjects with idiopathic loss of range of motion in the shoulder [31].
Do the weak, but continuous swaying movements of bristles represent active movements, or passive responses to water currents set up under the enclosing dome by the beating of resident cilia?
In this study, the results suggest high reliability and validity of smartphone to evaluate the active movement of the elbow of dominant hand.
Disturbances in force coupling action of deltoid/RC, within deltoid (anterior, middle and posterior fibres) or serratus anterior/trapezius may be the cause of pain active movement.
The drill contained active movement of military machines and warplanes, in addition to bombardment noises that last until late night hours.
14 (SUNA) The electoral process calmly ontinued in its second day in Khartoum state, while the the voting centers of the capital khartoum is witnessing an active movement of the citizens on entire state.
An active movement extent discrimination test was conducted at each joint, to measure ability to discriminate small differences in movements made to physical stops.
A psychogenic tremor can occur at rest or during postural or active movement, and often will occur in all 3 situations (Table 2, page 26).
Prior to that date, there was a continuous, active movement in exhibitions for senior and young artists, celebrated in official galleries such as the Ministry of Culture as well as private galleries.