active meditation

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active meditation,

n meditation process which uses various techniques to help individuals improve self-awareness. The techniques include breathing, movement, visualization, and exercises. Exercises may be instructor-guided, and feedback between student and instructor is considered important to the process.
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Psychologists report that active meditation requires you to focus attention on simple tasks that need repetitive motion.
They found pronounced group differences (heightened levels of gyrification in active meditation practitioners) across a wide swatch of the cortex, including the left precentral gyrus, the left and right anterior dorsal insula, the right fusiform gyrus and the right cuneus.
Although not initially apparent at the film's start, it becomes clear as the film moves forward that the transitions from silence to active meditation to performance is an encapsulation of how Monk composes and choreographs.
Once we settled into a rhythm, however, the mindlessness of our task became relaxing, like an active meditation.
Former Cheers star Shelley thanks yoga and active meditation for keeping her in good health.
We also found that the normal age-related decline of white-matter tissue is considerably reduced in active meditation practitioners," added Luders.
Early on, Mann makes the claim that her Buddhism is not religious, and yet her text is full of active meditations and shared mantras, giving it the feeling of an ecological devotional.
Tea rituals are essentially active meditations, says Corinne Trang, author of The Asian Flavors Diabetes Cookbook.
In this 8-week series, one will playfully practice a variety of Osho Active Meditations.
The recent proliferation of didactic art about the environment provides a fascinating context for a reassessment of Michelle Stuart's active meditations on landscape.