active listening

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paying attention through hearing.
active listening in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as attending closely to and attaching significance to a patient's verbal and nonverbal messages.

active listening1

the act of alert and intentional hearing, interpretation, and demonstration of an interest in what a person has to say through verbal signal, nonverbal gestures, and body language.

active listening2

a nursing intervention from the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) defined as attending closely to and attaching significance to a patient's verbal and nonverbal messages. See also Nursing Interventions Classification.
A mental crisis hotline intervention technique to reaffirm what the caller says he/she feels
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Finally, as I delved into many readings about community building, one theme continually emerged--the importance of active listening.
First, inattentive hearing of life's vibrations is not without consequences, Attali seems to suggest; for without active listening the vibrations of life so pollute one's hearing that they in fact invite us into the violence, drive us to disregard our deafness, or move us to find any way to shut them out.
Learning active listening skills will enable you to get to the core issues and resolve problems more quickly than reacting with advice to what the other person has to say.
Active listening requires the franchisor to wait until she fully understands what the franchisee is trying to convey and what they are asking her to do.
When it comes to evaluating potential candidates, especially senior level talent, no skill is more critical than active listening.
For example, active listening is a critical soft skill.
STOP: The first step of active listening is to stop whatever you are doing and avoid responding with the first thoughts that come to your head.
and if it encourages everyone s participation in the homily through active listening.
Listening at that level is way beyond simply paying attention and using what trainers often call active listening skills.
We have to use active listening skills to find out why someone is in crisis," he adds.
Like creating and maintaining openness, active listening requires a substantial investment of time and energy by employees who are unlikely to earn much organizational recognition.
Practise five minutes of active listening three times today - this is where you don't interrupt while your partner is speaking.

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