active chronic hepatitis

ac·tive chron·ic hep·a·ti·tis

(ak'tiv kron'ik hep'ă-tī'tis)
Liver disease with chronic portal inflammation and progressive hepatic degeneration; an autoimmune sequela to hepatitis B or C.
Synonym(s): posthepatitic cirrhosis.
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He said alcohol and methadone intoxication had been contributing causes, as had active chronic hepatitis.
The first subgroup included 33 patients with moderately active chronic hepatitis C.
However, comparative analysis of each study subgroups separately has shown that rather unexpected was increase of A/G heterozygotes among patients with moderately active chronic hepatitis C (1-subgroup) than in the control group (66.
Controlled prospective trial of corticosteroid therapy in active chronic hepatitis.

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