active center

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ac·tive cen·ter

the part of a macromolecule at which a substrate or ligand, on binding, produces biologic activity; for an enzyme, this is the catalytic center, the site on an enzyme that catalyzes the reaction.
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On the other hand, the steric hindrance of the crown ether ring would shield the active center, which is not advantageous to the formation of the active oxygen affinity species and the inclusion to the substrate.
The ACTIVE Center (2) is designed to provide a dynamic physical and virtual environment that supports active, collaborative learning; skill mastery through in-class problem solving; and laptop-based in-class laboratory activities.
The Lancer Evolution VII, with an engine capacity of 2000 cc, features a newly developed Active Center Differential (ACD), which ''brings better handling response and traction,'' it said.
After cross-cutting, the active center winder is accelerated in order to achieve the necessary intermediate space for the winder change.
Green plants do it with the help of a cluster of 100 to 200 chlorophyll molecules, or "antennae pigments," to harvest light energy and transfer it to an active center where the first steps of photo-synthesis occur.
Gallagher III, formerly of Kitt Peak National Observatory, now director of the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Ariz., have found such evidence in the form of a pattern of velocities indicating a flow of matter out of the active center of that galaxy.