active aldehyde

ac·tive al·de·hyde

any aldehyde derivative of thiamin pyrophosphate.
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Activated agarose provided a thin layer on the glass with active aldehyde groups which can bind to amino groups on various biomolecules, such as DNA, proteins, peptides and phospholipids.
Previous studies ascertained active aldehyde groups in agarose could be linked to amino groups in biomolecules and after UV crosslinking, the covalent binds could be formed.
ROS could increase the production of active aldehydes (such as 4-hydroxynonenal [4-HNE]), further aggravate oxidative stress to cause vascular endothelial dysfunction, and thus promote the development of AS.[sup][22] ALDH2 is an important aldehyde oxidase that participates in the metabolism of 4-HNE and exerts the functions of apoptosis inhibition, anti-oxidative damages of the myocardium, and promote metabolism of nitroglycerin into exogenous nitric oxide (NO).