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In both the scrambled-face and scrambled-parei-dolia paradigms, brain activation was observed in the occipital cortex V1 (Fig.
PointNine Lintas is in talks with several large activation clients to create custom-builds of PROBITEC for enterprise level integrations.
Patients with less than a 12th-grade education were significantly associated with a decreased odds of having patient activation (adjusted odds ratio, 0.25; 95% confidence interval, 0.07-0.94).
Chang and her colleagues used the peanut lectin agglutination method in their TA activation testing.
As indicated in the table, considering the linear segment, the calculated activation energy in this region increased from 71.7 to 89.1 kJ/mol when the heating rate increased from 3 to 5 [degrees]C/min.
In the context of this research, the average hourly rates of CAS activations were measured as a potential indicator of changes in activation frequency.
More recently, fNIRS has been used to detect motor imagery activation for a tennis arm-swinging motion [44] as well as a finger-tapping sequence [45].
Two persons selected studies independently according to the following inclusion criterion: (1) they were peer-reviewed research articles; (2) they were written in English; (3) samples of participants diagnosed with schizophrenia using research diagnostic criteria [sup][30] diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders III (DSM-III), DSM-III-R, DSM-IV, or ICD-10; (4) the data of regions that reported changed activation were available.
The Synchronoss Activation Services Platform allows carriers and other service providers worldwide to meet these challenges with a powerful automated system that's also flexible, robust and scalable to adapt to support CSPs' changing service offerings and business needs.
Depending on the application and required accuracy for the activation function, different sizes LUTs (from 28 samples [10] to 215 samples [4]) are used.
While larger studies would be needed to further support this interpretation, this evidence suggests that drugs called TSPO agonists, which intensify the action of TSPO, may benefit pain patients by helping to limit glial activation."
Extending this body of research, we theorize how affective valence and affective activation work together to impact opportunity identification.

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