activated state

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ex·cit·ed state

the condition of an atom or molecule after absorbing energy, which may be the result of exposure to light, electricity, elevated temperature, or a chemical reaction; such activation may be a necessary prelude to a chemical reaction or to the emission of light.
Synonym(s): activated state
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activated state

A state in which chemical reactants are at their highest energy level, which is related to the potential energy in high-energy phosphates.
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This study suggests that after Huangqi is administered to DN patients with end-stage renal failure, their immunocompromised macrophages in an LPS-activated state may present different functions from normal macrophages in an activated state.
Huangqi has different effects on the generation of NO by normal and compromised macrophages upon iNOS activation; it also has different effects on iNOS of macrophages in a resting state and an activated state. Based on the biphasic regulating effects of Huangqi on the generation of NO by macrophages in vitro, a second hypothesis is proposed: the therapeutic effects of Huangqi on different stages of DN may be due to effective intervention with some processes of the disease, such as activation or inactivation of iNOS in macrophages and increase or decrease in NO production, at different stages of DN, and at different states of the patient, thereby reversing the imbalances of the disease condition.
In vitro studies showed no change in the expression of CD61 in resting and activated state. Furthermore, platelet agonist did not affect the expression of CD61 on platelets membrane.9
In the first part of the work, the dry extract was coground with sodium croscarmeliose in a planetary mill in order to reach an activated state of the dry extract more prone to dissolution.
It was measured that when the activated electrovalve is kept by PWM pulses the stabilization current is only 1.8 mA so that it needs a power of only 0.043 W to be kept in an activated state.
When the temperature is increased rapidly, the conversion from the deactivated state to the activated state is increased.
The effects of HADs on adiponectin secretion in the NF-[kappa]B activated state
Pat McCrory activated states of emergency on Monday, covering 66 counties in North Carolina and all counties in Florida.

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