activated prothrombin complex concentrate

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1. to bring to a common center; to gather at one point.
2. to increase the strength by diminishing the bulk of, as of a liquid; to condense.
3. a drug or other preparation that has been strengthened by evaporation of its nonactive parts.
activated prothrombin complex concentrate (APCC) anti-inhibitor coagulant complex.
prothrombin complex concentrate (PCC) factor IX complex.
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Treatment options are similar to those of acquired haemophilia A and include the following approaches: 1) control of bleeding, mostly achieved using a bypassing agent such as recombinant factor VIIa or activated prothrombin complex concentrate, even though FFP and PLT transfusion can be used; 2) eradicate the inhibitor by introducing immunosuppression with steroids and cytotoxic agents (recently anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies have been used with encouraging results, especially in cases of acquired haemophilia A and; 3) the use of IV immunoglobulin, which remains controversial (2,5,6,9).

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