activated hydrogen

ac·ti·vat·ed hy·dro·gen

hydrogen removed by a dehydrogenase, for example, via a flavoprotein, from a metabolite for transference to another substance with which it combines.
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Air Products patented EA technology uses activated hydrogen at ambient pressure with a starting temperature as low as 100C to remove metal oxides from electroplated solder bumps on semiconductor wafers and permit reflow of these bumps to obtain the proper shape and size for interconnection onto a package or substrate.
The activated hydrogen peroxide produced free radicals that simultaneously degraded the biofilm matrix and killed the bacteria within, significantly reducing plaque and preventing tooth decay in an animal model.
Surface Detoxification Using Electrochemical Generation of Activated Hydrogen Peroxide"--Patrick Kinlen, Crosslink
Although cleaning the emergency vehicles was a potential concern, the only important change was substituting the usual disinfectant of 3% hydrogen peroxide with virucidal effect in 10 minutes to a disinfectant of 7% activated hydrogen peroxide with virucidal effect in 5 minutes.
The activated hydrogen reacts with aromatic carbon radicals (Figure 3) to produce cyclohexadienyl radical intermediates.
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