activated hydrogen

ac·ti·vat·ed hy·dro·gen

hydrogen removed by a dehydrogenase, for example, via a flavoprotein, from a metabolite for transference to another substance with which it combines.
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The activated hydrogen peroxide produced free radicals that simultaneously degraded the biofilm matrix and killed the bacteria within, significantly reducing plaque and preventing tooth decay in an animal model.
The decrease of the reduction peaks temperatures can be attributed to the overflow effect of hydrogen caused by Cu, which activated hydrogen molecules, thereby promoting the reduction reaction of hydrogen and nickel species at low temperatures.
This would then be followed by line emission from activated hydrogen [H.sup.*], [H.sup.*] [right arrow] H + hv, as hydrogen is allowed to relax back to the ground state.
"Surface Detoxification Using Electrochemical Generation of Activated Hydrogen Peroxide"--Patrick Kinlen, Crosslink
Although cleaning the emergency vehicles was a potential concern, the only important change was substituting the usual disinfectant of 3% hydrogen peroxide with virucidal effect in 10 minutes to a disinfectant of 7% activated hydrogen peroxide with virucidal effect in 5 minutes.
The activated hydrogen reacts with aromatic carbon radicals (Figure 3) to produce cyclohexadienyl radical intermediates.
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