activated carboxylic acid

ac·ti·vat·ed car·box·yl·ic ac·id

derivative of a carboxyl group that is more susceptible to nucleophilic attack than a free carboxyl group, for example, acid anhydrides, acylchlorides, thioesters.
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Sher, An efficient esterification of pullulan using activated carboxylic acid anhydrides with iodine, Collect.
Cabot Corporation has obtained a patent for a modified pigment preparation that is comprised of a pigment having attached a group comprising the formula -X-Sp-S-[PI], wherein X is an arylene, heteroarylene, or alkylene group, Sp is a spacer group, and PI represents a polymeric group comprising at least one ionic or ionizable group comprising the reaction product of a polymer having at least one anhydride, at least one activated carboxylic acid, or at least one carboxylic acid or salt thereof and an alkylamine, arylamine, or alcohol.