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1. To render active.
2. To make radioactive.
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tr.v. acti·vated, acti·vating, acti·vates
1. To set in motion; make active or more active.
2. Biology To convert (certain biological compounds) into biologically active derivatives.

ac′ti·va′tion n.
ac′ti·va′tor n.
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(1) To render something active.
(2) To make something radioactive.
Chemistry To convert a compound—e.g., a provitamin or enzyme—into an active form or different compound, in particular one that has a specific biologic action
Example, activation by UV light Ergosterol, lumisterol, tachysterol, vitamin D2
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1. To render active.
2. To make radioactive.
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Q. Are there any nice activities for adults with autism? I've been helping a very nice man of 45 of years old and I'm looking for some new things I can do with him in our time together. any ideas?

A. Autistic people react wonderfully with animals. for instance- i saw a group of severe Autistic teenagers going to swim with dolphins. the effect was amazing! taking him to the zoo, or even to the park to feed ducks, pet dogs, whatever.. could have a great effect on him.
hope i helped!
tell me how it went.

Q. what is a passive smoking? and is it dangerous as an active?

A. Passive smoking is the exposure to cigarettes smoke emitted from cigarettes smoke by other person. It's dangerous and may increase the risk to several diseases similar to active smoking (one's exposure to smoke emitted from the cigarettes he or she is smoking) although the risk is of lower magnitude. Example for passive smoking is children of smokers etc.

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Q. i swim a lot ! what are the advantages of swimming over other sport activities? on what part of the body does it work the most ?

A. its a good workout but your not really going to burn as much calories as a regular work out.

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