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the accomplishment of an effect, whether mechanical or chemical, or the effect so produced.
cumulative action the sudden and markedly increased action of a drug after administration of several doses.
independent nursing action nursing care that can be provided without the direction of other health care providers.
medication action/side effects in the omaha system, information regarding the purposes and positive or negative consequences of therapeutic drugs.
reflex action an involuntary response to a stimulus conveyed to the nervous system and reflected to the periphery, passing below the level of consciousness; see also reflex.
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1. The performance of any of the vital functions, the manner of such performance, or the result of the same.
2. The exertion of any force or power, physical, chemical, or mental.
[L. actio, from ago, pp. actus, to do]
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Government See Adverse action, Affirmative action.
MedspeakUS See Hospital disciplinary action.
Physiology A function or movement of substance or body part.


(1) A Coronary disease Trial Investigating Outcome with Nifedipine GITS. A trial assessing the effect of a calcium channel blocker (CCB) nifedipine on cardiovascular event-free survival of patients with stable angina and no heart failure.

(1) Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial; 6000 patients.
(2) Randomised, single-blind, multicenter, non-US; 360 enrolled—3 arms, 2 different doses of actinomycin D, and uncoated stents.
ACTION failed to show any benefit of adding a long-acting CCB to standard therapy for major cardiovascular event-free survival.
(2) Actinomycin Eluting Stent Improves Outcomes by Reducing Neointimal Hyperplasia. A trial that assessed the safety and efficacy of the Multilink tetra-D actinomycin-D eluting stent system.
Restenosis was increased in actinomycin-eluting stents; while there was no significant increase in MI or death, Guidant cancelled further development of the actinomycin stent.
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1. Performance of a function, the manner of such performance, or its result.
2. Exertion of a force or power: physical, chemical, or mental.
[L. actio, from ago, pp. actus, to do]
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1. The performance of any of the vital functions; manner or result of such performance.
2. The exertion of any force or power: physical, chemical, or mental.
[L. actio, from ago, pp. actus, to do]
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Q. is there are actions i should know about how to give the best care and treatment for an autistic child? like a special logistic care , or a special day care and privet assistant...

A. being a parent to an autistic child compels you to know more on that condition. about the options and educational techniques and all that. thank god we live in modern days that the information is so accessible.. here is (what i think anyway) the best site about Autism:
i'm sure you'll find it useful like i did!

Q. How much influence does diet pose when dealing with fibro? What actions have been found to reduce or eliminate

A. Of course, you may read more here:

And if you have any questions you may consult your doctor.

Q. What actions should i take in order to keep my self in a sharp and restricted fitness control?

A. I would try some body weight circuits 3 to 4 times a week.

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With such a close-knitted and open-ended narrative structure that allows infinitely multipliable detail for decoration, illustration, scenic effects, or drama to enliven and enrich his theme, what James's late novels, now re-read in the light of Seng Zhao along with that of William James, often appears so motionlessly mobile or actively actionless. It is like a kind of indescribable state or action--as substantial and authentic as simultaneously between and beyond, you (existence) and wu (non-existence), action and stillness, cause and effect, or whatever describable in a vocabulary of antimony and dichotomy.
Those of us who recall the period recall the enthusiasm with which we took up, in quick succession, Levi-Straussian structuralism, Coserian, or Gluckmanic conflict theory, the Goffmanic social drama approach, Schutzian social phenomenology, Cicourel's ethnomethodology: in fact anything at all, not even because of its own intrinsic intellectual merits but simply because it offered an alternative to, and promise of escape from, the closed actionless world of structural-functionalism, a world inhabited not by people and their actions but by institutions and the values that ever hovered like guardian angels over them.
But the same goes for even the apparently static and lengthy, largely actionless, central Mark/Marnie duologue (car/Howard Johnson's/car).
Her stories nearly all come to us once removed--seen as in a mirror, actionless, happening in an excruciatingly prolonged moment of dilated perception ..." (p.
The actionless plot of Dragan Velikic's novel Severni zid (The North Wall) unfolds in three cities: Pula, Trieste, and Vienna.
Significantly abridging the public scenes in his source, Otway condenses his play into a single, almost actionless plot that focuses on the largely personal concerns of his three principals.
Ramzan coming exactly two weeks after the summit must have obstructed progress in the matter, but post Ramzan days too seem to be actionless. There are yet no signs of any beginning of the journey.
Euro and bicoastal arthouse play is assured, though some ands may find the actionless passages taxing.
Eliot, "throughout the Quartets, attempts to distance himself from the deleterious distractions of his personal, historic, and artistic life, in order to pass back into life with maximum potency." (21) Kramer sees the third movement of each of the quartets as moving from the external world to inner silence and from self-transfiguration to actionless action.