action learning

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action learning

Learning through both direct participation in a task, followed by careful analysis of one's performance.

Patient care

It is used to improve a work processes within organizational units or address patient care issues that cross organizational lines. Team members are chosen for their technical, organizational, or managerial skills and knowledge.

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Through this project, Yunnan faculty spend time at MIT Sloan for training in areas of entrepreneurship and action learning and MIT Sloan faculty and administrators assist with the design of workshops and laboratory courses that Yunnan faculty teach to women entrepreneurs.
ACTION LEARNING OVERVIEW--Action learning is an approach to working with and developing people that uses work on an actual project or problem as the way to learn.
2010) An exploratory evaluation of an action learning set within a mental health service.
Learning objective: Write a short-term, 30-day behavioral action learning objective.
They also shared their experiences of personal growth and development via this project, which is based on the concept of Action Learning - an educational process where participants study their own actions and experiences to improve performance.
Virtual worlds offer a unique opportunity to fill this void, providing an action learning environment where students can enact real business ideas and generate considerable value, in an environment where failure has relatively few and inexpensive consequences.
In this paper, we first define design thinking, reflective practice, and action learning.
Although action learning was not formally established as the framework for course development, participants in the preceptor course are recognized as working through an action-learning process.
Little wonder that Reg Revans stirred up such fierce opposition: action learning dared to question the usefulness of nearly every academic institution in the country
Optimizing the Power of Action Learning appears to put question thinking to work, using action learning; the best insights and solutions are attained by asking good questions.
Later she went to work in the university's business school, undertaking pioneering work in action learning and vocational education.
The methods used for evaluation were: semi-structured interviews, a review of case records, a postal survey of practitioners, an action learning set and consultation with an expert group.

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