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A disease primarily of cattle and humans caused by the bacterium Actinomyces bovis in cattle and by A. israelii and Arachnia propionica in humans. These actinomycetes are part of the normal bacterial flora of the mouth and pharynx, but when introduced into tissue they may produce chronic destructive abscesses or granulomas that eventually discharge a viscid pus containing minute yellowish granules (sulfur granules). In humans, the disease commonly affects the cervicofacial area, abdomen, or thorax; in cattle, the lesion is commonly found in the mandible.
Synonym(s): actinophytosis (1) , lumpy jaw
[actino- + G. mykēs, fungus, + -osis, condition]


An obsolete term for:
(1) Actinomycosis, see there.
(2) Botryomycosis, see there.


(ak″tĭ-nō-fī-tō′sis) [actino- + phytosis]
Infection due to Actinomyces.


A chronic granulomatous condition of horses, cattle, swine, and humans, usually involving the skin but occasionally also the viscera.
Synonym(s): actinophytosis (2) .
[fr. Botryomyces]