acrylic resin denture

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a·cryl·ic res·in den·ture

(ă-krilik rezin denchŭr)
A dental appliance that replaces natural teeth that is fabricated using acrylic resin material.
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One-way ANOVA test results showed that there was a significant effect of the addition of 1% and 1.5% E-glass fiber on the modulus of elasticity of heat-polymerized acrylic resin denture base (p=0.002; p<0.05).
The results in this study was in accordance with previous study by Stipho (1998) and stated that the addition of 1% glass fiber on heat-polymerized acrylic resin denture base can increased the transverse strength, however, if the concentration of glass fiber was more than 1%, it can cause a decreased in transverse strength.
The research trend of the published literature from year 1990 to 2017 (Fig 1) on "Google Scholar" search engine for the key words "acrylic teeth and acrylic resin denture bases and teeth debonding" showed a surge in the number of publications from year 2007 and onwards.
Still a surge in the research trend on "Google Scholar" search engine (Fig 1.) was detected when using the key words "Acrylic teeth and acrylic resin denture bases and teeth debonding".
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The fracture of acrylic resin dentures is still a common clinical occurrence.
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Techniques for bonding denture teeth to an acrylic resin denture base remain empirical, with little con sensus from literature, among clinicians, or among dental laboratories.4 Chemical or mechanical prepara tion of tooth surface prior to bonding has mixed results on bond strengths.
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A well designed research methodology was fol- lowed by collecting the data and saliva samples from those not wearing dentures as well as those wearing maxillary palatal coverage acrylic resin dentures. In the light of available information all the data have been presented and discussed.