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Australasian Collaborative Research on Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Study. A population-based survey based on the acute version of the English (Australia/New Zealand) short-form questionnaire, which identified all the cases of aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage that occurred in 4 Australasian centres—Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Auckland—at staggered intervals during 1995–1998, assessing health-related quality of life; of 432 patients registered in ACROSS, 242 were alive at followup, 189 were interviewed; survivors reported decreased vitality and ability to participate in social roles because of physical problems, despite physical functioning comparable to the general population
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These kinds of across-the-board cuts for HBCUs and MSIs make it more difficult to contribute to our nation if we're going to double college graduation rates," Bartley said.
In her analysis, Mantz-Steindecker said that, "Given Congress' track record, [sequestration or across-the-board cuts] appears to be the more likely option.
Take this basic example: Your client's PG&E bill didn't change despite PG&E's across-the-board increases.
Prescott's, an innovator in the field of reconditioned microscopes, has introduced an across-the-board price reduction.
Other customers have set a low across-the-board standard at 70%, and work on quality improvement in areas that fall below that standard.
Of that, $400 million would go for across-the-board raises and $1 billion for incentives, such as re-enlistment bonuses.
TRADE unionists campaigning for a pounds 1,000-a-year across-the-board pay rise for city council workers are being backed by Socialists.
The Thunder Bay Port Authority has announced an across-the-board reduction of 10 per cent on its rates on goods and rates on vessels, a move made possible through "sharp" reductions in the authority's (and former Harbour Commission's) administrative and maintenance costs over the past few years.
E-commerce applications are booming across-the-board," Brosseau noted.
Launching the Standards in Scotland's Schools Bill yesterday, Education Minister Sam Galbraith insisted it would lead to across-the-board improvements .
They are now trying to agree on an across-the-board tax cut on all discretionary programs.