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(ak'ro-som?) [ acro- + -some]
A specialized lysosome on the head of a sperm cell that contains enzymes to digest the membrane of an egg cell. acrosomal (ak?ro-so'mal), adjective
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c) Efecto del medio de conservacion (ZP S:S vs ZP VIT): No hubo diferencias significativas en el estado acrosomal de los espermatozoides, al cabo de 1 hora y 3 horas de incubacion, entre los dos grupos de estudio.
(17) The in vitro administration of LC diminishes acrosomal reaction, (18) and thus increases the number of intact sperms, which chimes in with our results.
Store-operated calcium channels trigger exocytosis of the sea urchin sperm acrosomal vesicle.
While six of the seven lectins failed to label the plasma membrane of sperm with intact acrosomes, all lectins intensely labeled the inner acrosomal membrane once it became exposed and accessible to the lectin.
Finally, significant differences were observed when both conditions were compared regarding the percentage of sperm cells exhibiting acrosomal, specifically in the testicular, caudal and medial regions.
However, progesterone could induce sperm chemotaxis towards oocyte and acrosomal reaction (16).
La modificacion de la composicion de la grasa consumida en la dieta de los verracos mediante una suplementacion con harina de extraccion de linaza redujo el porcentaje de gotas proximales en el espermatozoide, especialmente en los verracos portadores del gen halotano, y mostro una tendencia para reducir la resistencia de la membrana acrosomal (Ort) y mejorar la integridad y funcionalidad de la membrana del espermatozoide (Host), aunque no afecto a la fragmentacion del ADN espermatico.
It is intriguing to speculate that acrosomal leptin receptor expression is associated with cholesterol efflux and acrosome reaction, whereas tail leptin receptor expression in human sperm may reflect leptin's modulation of hyperactivated sperm motility.
Acrosomal integrity is one of the major parameter to analyze the functional status of membrane (Silva and Gadella, 2006).
The sperm acrosomal matrix contains a novel member of the pentaxin family of calcium-dependent binding proteins.