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(ak'rō-sin), [MIM*102480]
A serine proteinase in sperm (spermatozoa) similar in specificity to trypsin.
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A sperm serine protease encoded by ACR, which is formed from proacrosin by cleavage at lysine and arginine, and inhibited by antitrypsins. Acrosin lyses the ovum’s zona pellucida, facilitating sperm penetration through the innermost glycoprotein layers of the ovum.
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A serine proteinase in sperms similar in specificity to trypsin.
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MMP2 and acrosin are major proteinases associated with the inner acrosomal membrane and may cooperate in sperm penetration of the zona pellucida during fertilization.
In general, when spermatozoa reach the oocyte, they initiate the acrosome reaction and release an enzyme called acrosin, which degrades the oocyte ZP to allow spermatozoa to penetrate into the oocyte cytosol, where the fertilization is finally completed.
Acrosin, the most widely used acrosomal enzyme associated with the acrosome of all mammalian spermatozoa was assessed by the method of Bhattacharya and Zeneveld (1978), Bhattacharya et al.
Acrosin is one of the principal components in the acrosome, has trypsin-like activity and is secreted after the Acrosome Reaction (RA).
Acrosin accelerates the dispersal of sperm acrosomal proteins during acrosome reaction.
Spartiumjunceum Reduced rate of fertility and Broom acrosin enzyme activity.
Our observation of a positive association with sperm DNA damage, as measured by Tail%, may also be consistent with previous reports that BP may be a suitable vaginal contraceptive because of its ability to inhibit acrosin (an enzyme that aids sperm penetration into the oocyte during the fertilization process), most likely by damaging the sperm membrane (Song et al.
Acrosin antibodies present in the sera of infertile women inhibit spermzona pellucida binding through protease activity (8).
Demonstration of proacrosin and quantitation of acrosin in ejaculated human spermatazoa.