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Relating to the acromion.


/acro·mi·al/ (ah-kro´me-al) pertaining to the acromion.


See acromion.


Relating to the acromion.
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Ultrasonographic examination showed normal subacromial-deltoid bursa and no oedema around the acromial unfused site.
However, trauma or repetitive microtrauma to the acromial joint, as in competitive swimmers, may reveal this condition.
An os acromiale (OA) arises from a fusion failure of the anterior acromial apophysis.
In addition, since the ultrasound cannot predictably penetrate through bone, it cannot provide much information about massive rotator cuff tears where the tendon edges have retracted medial to the acromial border.
This condition was described as early as 1863, when Gruber noted the presence of an os acromiale with fibrocartilaginous union of the anterior acromial ossification centers in three out of 100 cadaveric specimens (in a review by Kurtz and colleagues (2)).
Os acromiale is often discovered as an incidental finding during the radiographic evaluation of a patient with shoulder pain, with the unfused acromial ossification centers being unrelated to the patient's symptomatology.
The axillary view is often the best radiograph to demonstrate an os acromiale, enabling the surgeon to evaluate the size and shape of the unfused acromial segment, as well as to identify degenerative changes.
Arthroscopic acromioplasty was preformed with resection of bone to remove the anterior acromial tip.
This extended anterior acromial approach allows a limited surgical approach to be used, preserving the periosteum, and when coupled with locked plating, provides stable fixation to initiate indirect bone healing.
Gardner MJ, Griffith MH, Dines JS, et al: The extended anterior acromial approach to the proximal humerus.