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 (ACPS) [ak″ro-sef″ah-lo-pol″e-sin-dak´tĭ-le]
any of several inherited disorders characterized by acrocephalosyndactyly (head deformity and webbed fingers and toes) and polydactyly (extra fingers or toes). Type I (or ACPS I) is Pfeiffer's syndrome; type II (or ACPS II) is Carpenter's syndrome; type III (or ACPS III) is Sakati-Nyhan syndrome.
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Rare autosomal disorder with mental retardation, syndactyly, oxycephaly, congenital heart defects, mild obesity, and hypogenitalism.
Synonym(s): Carpenter syndrome
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Margot, German physician, 1909–.
Noack syndrome - multiple congenital malformations. Synonym(s): acrocephalopolysyndactyly
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