acoustic turbulence

a·cous·tic tur·bu·lence

(ă-kū'stik tŭr'byū-lens)
Swirling effect produced within the confined space of a periodontal pocket by continuous stream of fluid flowing over an electronically powered instrument tip, which disrupts plaque biofilm.

acoustic turbulence,

n agitation observed in fluids by mechanical vibrations of an ultrasonic tip; used to disrupt bacterial cell walls.
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With calculus believed to be only secondary to disease and therefore inconsequential, therapy now centered on the benefits and value of the acoustic turbulence and microstreaming, cavitation and lavage that ultrasonic therapy provided.
Cavitation, acoustic turbulence and microstreaming were believed to destroy free-flowing gram-negative pathogens--not only where they made contact with the tip, but 3 mm beyond its terminal end.
It was believed that cavitation, acoustic turbulence, lavage and microstreaming during ultrasonic instrumentation produced the desired treatment result.
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