acoustic pressure

a·cous·tic pres·sure

in ultrasound, the instantaneous value of the total pressure minus the ambient pressure; unit is pascal (Pa).
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The company's SAM Processing technology is then used to control the speakers to perfection, reproducing the exact acoustic pressure recorded by the microphone.
Delivery of measuring kit for recording acoustic pressure distribution, pallet truck, electric, cutting a ring, a set of measuring rejesterujacego part.
This technology increases the acoustic pressure of the bass to generate deeper and stronger sound quality.
In this paper, a similar formulation is used but using acoustic power propagating along a duct as the state variables rather than the acoustic pressure, see Figure 2.
Our engineers have optimized the acoustic design to render stunning dynamics, deep bass and acoustic pressure in abundance.
OptoAcoustic gas detection determines gas content via the measurement of acoustic pressure waves that are propagated as a gas is irradiated under an appropriately tuned light.
The sensor measures the acoustic pressure variations produced by the sound wave, converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy and outputs a proportional voltage.
Numerical examples are provided for an interfacial crack, elastic strain on a hollow sphere, plate buckling, an engine pedestal, and acoustic pressure distribution in a car passenger compartment.
The results obtained by using a normal tool for the identification of the quality characteristic for planetary gears present the experimental range of frequencies and acoustic pressure level for the planetary reduction version with fixed mounting solar gear for the idle and load running.
The decomposition of mechanical signals like acoustic pressure or vibrations by the mechanical filter bank can bring any advantages compared to classical methods of the mechanical signals decompositions.
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