acoustic pressure

a·cous·tic pres·sure

in ultrasound, the instantaneous value of the total pressure minus the ambient pressure; unit is pascal (Pa).
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The more intensive bubble dynamics at higher amplitudes is due to the fact that the acoustic pressure is proportional to the ultrasonic amplitude.
This shows that the acoustic pressure produced by the CNT speaker is proportional to the input power and increases as frequency increases.
Standard acoustic problems are related to the acoustic pressure p variations at the top of the stationary background pressure p0.
Such surface pressure fluctuation generated by vortices and separated flow around the front pillar and side mirror, contains both convective and acoustic pressure components [2] in which the acoustic component is typically very small in amplitude compared to the convective component but is the dominant contributor to high frequency interior noise due to coincidence effect of side glass [3, 4].
The model showed freefalling meltwater that struck the water collected in the moulin sent acoustic pressure waves into the moulin's walls and base, as well as through the ice, creating the tremor activity.
With an acoustic pressure of 60dB at 7m, the noise emission is the same as from a TV at moderate volume.
Purchased the stage acoustic panel system, which is designed to increase the acoustic pressure in the direction of the audience as well as to ensure high-quality balanced musical sound across the frequency range of live music events.
East [3] measured the acoustic pressure of deep cavities in the turbulent boundary layer (1.
The way in which an air column builds up an acoustic pressure depends on its impedance.
0] is the starting frequency and acoustic pressure at t = 0, and K is the rate of frequency increase or chirp rate.
This technology increases the acoustic pressure of the bass to generate deeper and stronger sound quality.
In this paper, a similar formulation is used but using acoustic power propagating along a duct as the state variables rather than the acoustic pressure, see Figure 2.
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