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Using an acoustic envelope and the Boundary Element Method (BEM) the acoustic pressure (sound pressure) is finally computed [15, 16].
where p is the acoustic pressure and c is the speed of sound.
Secondly, CNTs exhibit excellent thermal conductivity (20-30 times higher than that of typical metal) and thus allow the generation of strong acoustic pressure [58-60].
The acoustic pressure and acoustic particle velocity depend on time only in the measurement model.
Since the intensity of the source of the acoustic wave describes the spatial distribution of the absorption of RF energy, one of the classical mathematics problems of TAT is the recovery of this initial acoustic pressure field from the ultrasound measurements made outside the object.
In [9], COMSOL multiphysics was used to study and compare the response to acoustic pressure of the HC-PBF represented by HC-1550, a SC-PCF represented by LMA-5, and a conventional SMF represented by SMF-28 for different acoustic pressures and frequencies.
The dynamic behaviors of a microbubble at specified ultrasound frequency and acoustic pressure amplitude are first investigated.
In a prototype, researchers Kon-Well Wang and Manoj Thota claim their barrier reduced acoustic pressure by 10 decibels or 90 per cent.
The driving force of bubble dynamics is the acoustic pressure. The more intensive bubble dynamics at higher amplitudes is due to the fact that the acoustic pressure is proportional to the ultrasonic amplitude.
The magnitude of the acoustic pressure in the far field (x/L = 6.75, y/L = 21.5) was measured with a non-directional 1/2 inch microphone (NL-52, Rion Co., Ltd).
[P.sub.rms] - Root mean square of the acoustic pressure (Pa)
Standard acoustic problems are related to the acoustic pressure p variations at the top of the stationary background pressure p0.
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