acoustic microscope

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an instrument used to obtain an enlarged image of small objects and reveal details of structure not otherwise distinguishable.
The light path of a darkfield microscope. From Hart and Shears, 1997.
acoustic microscope one using very high frequency ultrasound waves, which are focused on the object; the reflected beam is converted to an image by electronic processing.
binocular microscope one with two eyepieces, permitting use of both eyes simultaneously.
compound microscope one consisting of two lens systems whereby the image formed by the system near the object is magnified by the one nearer the eye.
darkfield microscope one so constructed that illumination is from the side of the field so that details appear light against a dark background.
electron microscope one in which an electron beam, instead of light, forms an image for viewing, allowing much greater magnification and resolution. The image may be viewed on a fluorescent screen or may be photographed. Types include scanning and transmission electron microscopes.
fluorescence microscope one used for the examination of specimens stained with fluorochromes or fluorochrome complexes, e.g., a fluorescein-labeled antibody, which fluoresces in ultraviolet light.
light microscope one in which the specimen is viewed under ordinary illumination.
operating microscope one designed for use in performance of delicate surgical procedures, e.g., on the middle ear or small vessels of the heart.
phase microscope (phase-contrast microscope) a microscope that alters the phase relationships of the light passing through and that passing around the object, the contrast permitting visualization of the object without the necessity for staining or other special preparation.
scanning electron microscope (SEM) an electron microscope that produces a high magnification image of the surface of a metal-coated specimen by scanning an electron beam and building an image from the electrons reflected at each point.
simple microscope one that consists of a single lens.
slit lamp microscope a corneal microscope with a special attachment that permits examination of the endothelium on the posterior surface of the cornea.
stereoscopic microscope a binocular microscope modified to give a three-dimensional view of the specimen.
transmission electron microscope (TEM) an electron microscope that produces highly magnified images of ultrathin tissue sections or other specimens. An electron beam passes through the metal-impregnated specimen and is focused by magnetic lenses into an image.
x-ray microscope one in which x-rays are used instead of light, the image usually being reproduced on film.
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The capability of acoustic microscopes to image and analyze internal features, including structural defects, recently has been enhanced by technology that puts any number of acoustic microscopes in any number of locations on the same page.
These and other details made the development of tool matching for acoustic microscopes a challenging business.
Current methods of spot-weld inspection include destructive peel testing, conventional ultrasonic testing, and testing with desktop acoustic microscopes. During the procedure of peel testing the weld is torn apart, and the size of the remaining pin-shaped weld is measured with a caliper.
Acoustic microscopes pulse ultrasound into a sample, and the return echoes reveal internal features, including defects.
While the VHF and UHF ultrasound used in acoustic microscopes are reflected from any internal material interface, by far the strongest echoes are bounced back from an interface where a solid material meets a gap such as a void.
ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- Nordson has acquired Sonoscan, designer and manufacturer of acoustic microscopes and acoustic micro imaging systems.
Impulse acoustic microscopes allow obtaining cross-sectional images (B-scans) or plane lateral images at a depth (C-scans).
In addition, results from this fundamental solution are expected to provide insight into the study and optimization of probing tools such as acoustic microscopes and in applications ranging from the study of coatings to geo-exploration.
Impulse acoustic microscopes SIAM-2 with operation frequencies of 100 MHz and angular aperture of 11[degrees], produced by the Institute of Biochemical Physics, RAS, was used to visualize the bulk microstructure inside specimens of a few millimeters in thickness with lateral resolution of 15-45 pm.
The device, known as the lensless line-focus broadband transducer, helps acoustic microscopes perform ultrasonic examinations of alloys, ceramics, crystals, composites and other industrially important materials simply, cheaply and with easier interpretation of the data.

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