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The quality of each laminated structure was examined by scanning acoustic microscope.
Figure 9 demonstrates correlation between the desktop acoustic microscope and RSWA.
The Sonix UHR-2001 is an advanced scanning acoustic microscope that non-destructively identifies internal discontinuities in semiconductor packages.
Calvin Quate is a legendary professor at Stanford University who has made many contributions in the field of microscopy such as the acoustic microscope and the atomic force microscope.
Later industrial developments include Integrated Real Time Weld Analyzer Systems, Tabletop Acoustic Microscopes, and Dual Flow Supersonic Cold Spray (DFSCS) Technologies for various applications.
In addition, results from this fundamental solution are expected to provide insight into the study and optimization of probing tools such as acoustic microscopes and in applications ranging from the study of coatings to geo-exploration.
The device, known as the lensless line-focus broadband transducer, helps acoustic microscopes perform ultrasonic examinations of alloys, ceramics, crystals, composites and other industrially important materials simply, cheaply and with easier interpretation of the data.

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