acoustic lens

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a·cous·tic lens

in ultrasonography, a lens used to focus or diverge a sound beam; may be simulated by electronic manipulation of signals.
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The passive wave modulator is a type of acoustic lens that can alter the transmitted or reflected waves.
The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound DB11 features 13 fully active loudspeakers in closed cabinets, including two front tweeters with moving Acoustic Lens Technology and a 13-channel BeoCore amplifier with ICEpower technology for a total system power of 1,000 watts.
Bang and Olufsen also pioneered in a new technology called the acoustic lens, which allows speakers to spread sound across a 180-degree angle, enabling the listener to move about the room and not stay fixed in a sweet spot to maximize listening pleasure.
He ordered B&O's acoustic lens technology- which created a 'sweet spot' for sound throughout the car-for the A8.
It is this structure that forms a visible bulge on the animal's head and researchers say it acts as an adjustable acoustic lens, focusing the sound into a beam and altering the size of that beam.
The built-in centre loudspeaker, the BeoLab 10, utilises Bang & Olufsen Acoustic Lens Technology which disperses sound at a 180-degree angle.
It incorporates Bang & Olufsen's proprietary ICEpower technology and the automatically-operated Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) motorised tweeter units.
Figure 4 demonstrates a similar model of the distortion of the ultrasound image, when the specimen has defects filled with liquid, for example, water spots, performing a sort of acoustic lens function and causing unwanted ultrasound beam breakage, as in the example.
Already proving popular in the Audi Q7 UK order book, the bespoke Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System boasts 14 speakers, unique acoustic lens tweeters and Bang & Olufsen's patented ICEpower digital amplifier technology.
A novel acoustic lens has been devised which allows the acoustic radiation field of two or more transducers to be coupled in phase such Nat the resultant acoustic radiation pattern is interference-free at all frequencies, and displays wide and nearly frequency independent beam width.
These include underwater cameras, hull scanning, commercial sonars, acoustic guidance, and acoustic lens sonar.
Ranging from 10 to 100 MHz, the waves are generated with an acoustic lens assembly.
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