acoustic enhancement

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a·cous·tic en·hance·ment

a manifestation of increased echo amplitude returning from regions beyond an object, such as a fluid-filled cyst, which causes little or no attenuation of the ultrasound beam. Compare: acoustic shadow.
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A simple ovarian cyst is a well-circumscribed, round or oval, anechoic, avascular cyst with posterior acoustic enhancement and thin smooth walls.
Unexpectedly, each polymer set showed a peak zeta potential at the same molecular weight that yielded a peak acoustic enhancement. This behavior may be explained by the surface morphology results.
a large mass with increased acoustic enhancement. c.
(2) Of invasive ductal malignancies, grade 3 cancers may present as cystic masses with posterior acoustic enhancement due to their increased cellularity mimicking a benign lesion (Figure 7).
Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago (acoustical consultants), specified the overall dimensions and general materials of the shell, worked with the Hult Center on the selection of the acoustic enhancement system, worked with Acoustic Control Systems of the Netherlands on the design of the acoustic enhancement system.
3.) Tumors containing more fibrous components appear similar to fibroadenomas -- isoechoic to hypoechoic (medium to dark gray) heterogeneous masses that may produce either posterior acoustic shadow or posterior acoustic enhancement.[1,2,3] (See Fig.
In one of the largest studies on 87 cases of primary NEC of the breast, the most common mammographic presentation of this malignancy was a round or oval high-density mass with nonspiculated margins.(6) On ultrasound, the most common feature was a solid hypoechoic, irregular and hypervascular mass with either posterior acoustic enhancement or no posterior acoustic features.
The lesions were evaluated for lesion conspicuity, presence of unwanted artefacts, overall image quality and in cases of cystic lesions presence of internal echoes and posterior acoustic enhancement. Finally considering everything the overall image quality is graded as poor, fair, good and excellent.
It was determined to be a cystic lesion because of the acoustic enhancement in its posterior.
Color Doppler ultrasound examination of the left popliteal artery revealed a well-defined, hypoechoic lesion with scant internal echoes and posterior acoustic enhancement abutting the popliteal artery.