acoustic enhancement

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a·cous·tic en·hance·ment

a manifestation of increased echo amplitude returning from regions beyond an object, such as a fluid-filled cyst, which causes little or no attenuation of the ultrasound beam. Compare: acoustic shadow.


relating to sound or hearing.

acoustic coupler
used in the low speed transmission of data over a telephone line.
acoustic enhancement
an artifact seen in ultrasound examination. There is an area of increased brightness underneath fluid resulting from the lack of impedance when sound waves pass through fluid and increased echoes from underlying structures.
acoustic gel
acoustic nerve
see vestibulocochlear. See also Table 14.
acoustic reflex test
used primarily in humans to differentiate between sensorineural and conductive hearing loss.
acoustic shadowing
an artifact seen in ultrasound imaging in which an intensely echogenic line appears at the surface of structures which block the passage of sound waves.
acoustic window
the body surface area selected for application of the ultrasound transducer, through which sound waves will be transmitted. Consideration must be given to underlying bone or gas-filled structures which would impair image quality.
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a) Second branchial cleft cyst: Most uninfected second branchial cleft cysts demonstrate the typical appearances of a cyst in that they are well-defined and anechoic with no internal debris and show posterior acoustic enhancement however, some cysts may exhibit a pseudo solid appearance with uniform internal echoes.
Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago (acoustical consultants), specified the overall dimensions and general materials of the shell, worked with the Hult Center on the selection of the acoustic enhancement system, worked with Acoustic Control Systems of the Netherlands on the design of the acoustic enhancement system.
It was determined to be a cystic lesion because of the acoustic enhancement in its posterior.
Contract award notice: K645-2016 Acoustic enhancement system.
Contract notice: 16S0012 - Acoustic Enhancement Work Of Sautron Pumping Station For Carene