acinic cell carcinoma

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a·cin·ic cell ad·e·no·car·ci·no·ma

an adenocarcinoma arising from secreting cells of a racemose gland, particularly the salivary glands.
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acinic cell carcinoma

An extremely rare carcinoma that is morphologically identical to the same-named tumours of the salivary glands. There is little known about their behaviour, but they do metastasise to regional lymph nodes and may be fatal.

Microglandular adenosis, apocrine carcinoma.

A usually low-grade, slowly growing salivary (80% are parotid) gland carcinoma with serous acinar cell differentiation. It comprises 1% to 6% of salivary gland tumours, and 10% to 17% of all salivary gland malignancies. In some series it is more common in females, in others, men; it peaks in the 5th decade; 3% are bilateral.

Risk factors
Radiation exposure, familial predisposition, wood dust inhalation.
Outcomes are worse with larger tumours, incomplete excision, deep lobe involvement and MIB proliferation index of > 10%.
5-year survival, 90%; 20-year-survival, 55%; 12–35% recur, 8% metastasise.

Poor prognosticators.

Pain at presentation, fixation of tissue to other structures, gross invasion, focal necrosis, perineural invasion, histologic features: desmoplasia, atypia/pleomorphism, increased mitotic activity.  Prognosis is better if the tumour nodules are well-circumscribed, microcystic and have lymphoid follicles.

Usually wide local excision suffices; complete first-time surgical excision is critical to cure.
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acinic cell carcinoma

A low-grade salivary gland malignancy Epidemiology ACC comprises 1–3% of all salivary gland tumors; ♂ predominance; peaks in 3rd decade Management Usually adequately treated with wide local excision Prognosis 5-yr survival, 90%; 20-yr survival, 55%
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Among the malignant tumours, the most common is adenoid cystic carcinoma, while the others are mucoepidermoid carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, acinic cell tumour, lymphoma and malignant mixed tumour.