acinar cell tumor

ac·i·nar cell tu·mor

a solid and cystic tumor of the pancreas, occurring in young women; tumor cells contain zymogen granules.
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Solid and cystic acinar cell tumor of the pancreas: a tumor in young women with favourable prognosis.
It has been known under different names such as solid-pseudopapillary tumor, papillary epithelial neoplasm, papillary cystic neoplasm, solid and papillary epithelial neoplasm, solid and cystic acinar cell tumor, papillary and solid neoplasm, papillary-cystic epithelial neoplasm, papillary-cystic carcinoma, solid and papillary neoplasm, papillary cystic tumor, solid and cystic tumor, solid and papillary neoplasm, low-grade papillary neoplasm, Hamoudi tumor, and Frantz tumor, (1) but the current term, solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm, enjoyed the widest acceptance and has been retained in the latest World Health Organization classification.
Several variants of acinar cell tumors have been described: 1) acinar cell cystadenocarcinoma 2) mixed acinar endocrine tumor 3) mixed acinar ductal carcinoma and 4) a rare tumor combining ductal, acinar and islet cell components.
However, collection of materials for the creation of a cell block is typically performed for potential diagnostic immunohistochemistry that may be used in difficult cases with uncommon tumors, such as neuroendocrine or acinar cell tumors.
Yet in the TCDD, PCB-126, PeCDF, and TEF-mixture groups, we found four, four, four, and five pancreatic acinar cell tumors, respectively, including two or more carcinomas in each study.