acidulated phosphate fluoride

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acidulated phosphate fluoride

Abbreviation: APF
A fluoride compound applied topically to the teeth to prevent dental caries (tooth decay).
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ac·i·dul·a·ted phos·phate flu·o·ride

(APF) (ă-sidyū-lā-tĕd fosfāt flōrīd)
Sodium fluoride solution with phosphoric acid added to lower its pH; intended to increase dental fluoroapatite.

acidulated phosphate fluoride,

n a topical agent with a low pH that is used in the prevention of dental caries.
n a genus of nonmotile, aerobic bacteria of the family
Neisseriaceae that often occurs in clinical specimens.
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Effect of fluoridated dentifrice and acidulated phosphate fluoride application on early artificial carious lesions.
Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride presented an intermediary level of sensitivity.
The highest concentration agents available for in-office use include acidulated phosphate fluoride foam or gel with 1.
14] Two studies found that acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) applied prior to tooth etching lowered the tensile bond strength.