Acid producing.


adj generating acid or acidity. See also acid and acidic.
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Phaseplit will separate the anaerobic treatment in two-phases: acidogenic and metanogenic.
are considered crucial for the initiation and progression of dental caries as they have shown by their more acidogenic and acidophilic properties than those of other oral bacteria (Asokan, Emmadi, & Chamundeswari, 2009).
Anaerobic digestion from residue of industrial cassava industrialization with acidogenic and methanogenic physical separation phases.
Partial neutralization of the acidogenic Western diet with potassium citrate increases bone mass in postmenopausal women with osteopenia.
A western diet rich in animal products and other acidogenic foods can induce an acid load that is not compensated for by fruit and vegetables; this can cause chronic metabolic acidosis and lead to metabolic complications.
28] concluded that despite the extensive use of fluoride products in modern society that render the role of diet in dental caries less important, the frequent use of acidogenic and erosive drinks pose an increased risk in caries development.
mutans serotypes are both acidogenic and aciduric and are strongly stimulated by sucrose (Roberson, T.
Acidogenesis--further broken down by acidogenic bacteria by into simpler molecules, volatile fatty acids (VFAs) occurs, producing ammonia, C[O.
If we brush our teeth before breakfast then we remove the build up of dental plaque thereby minimising the acidogenic response of the oral bacteria present to the foods eaten.
Acidogenic bugs take over next, converting the soluble compounds into volatile fatty acids and alcohol, which acetogenic bacteria then turn into acetic acid, C[O.
Further development of acidogenic and syntrophic bacteria favours the growth of the granules [35].