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(ă-sid′ĭ-fī″) [ acid + -ify]
1. To make a substance acid.
2. To become acid.
acidifiable (ă-sid″ĭ-fī′ă-bl), adjectiveacidification (-fĭ-kā′shŏn) acidifier (-fī″ĕr)


a technology used by processors to preserve foods by adding acids (such as acetic, citric, phosphoric, propionic and lactic acid) and thereby reduce the risk of growth of harmful bacteria.

acidification of feed
used to enhance the stomach acidity, reducing pH and salmonella infection as well as improving pig performance.
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The act requires that the assessment identifies: (1) the communities that are most dependent on ocean and coastal resources, (2) the nature of the social and economic vulnerabilities of the communities, and (3) identify the harmful impacts of ocean acidification on those communities.
There are relatively few ocean acidification studies on crustaceans, although this taxon may be highly susceptible to lowered pH because of frequent molting, pH-dcpendent cuticle formation (Neufeld & Cameron 1992, Egilsdottir et al.
At a working meeting of the BIOACID group in Kiel last week, IPCC co-chair Hans PE[micro]rtner told DW that ocean acidification, a relatively young research field, had already made its way into the policy arena.
Acidification kinetics revealed that the decrease in pH, after 24 h of incubation of Lactobacillus was lower (pH 5.
A: Ocean acidification is one of the greatest global threats to our coral reef ecosystems, which we depend on for food, art, economy, tourism and even quality of life, and are all impacted by ocean acidification.
This year, the first nationwide study showing the vulnerability of the $1 billion US shellfish industry to ocean acidification revealed a considerable list of at-risk areas.
When CO2 is pumped into Chesapeake seawater feed stock acidification of the seawater begins.
Alacer Gold Corporation (TSX: ASR)(ASX: AQG), an intermediate gold mining company with an 80 percent interest in the world-class Copler Gold Mine in Turkey, has installed its Sulfidisation, Acidification, Recycling and Thickening facility.
A second study--this one involving catsharks--linked ocean acidification with unusual nighttime behavior and found that higher carbon dioxide levels spurred sharks to swim continuously for long periods of time during the night, rather than in their typical short bursts.
As results the combined treatment of acidification and sonication of carrot juice showed a significant decrease in pH and increase (P less than 0.
Scientists have long suspected that ocean acidification caused the crisis-similar to today, as manmade CO2 combines with seawater to change its chemistry.
Today, modern calcifiers face a new and rapidly escalating crisis caused by warming and acidification of the oceans with a reduction in availability of carbonate minerals, a change driven by the increase in atmospheric C[O.