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of or pertaining to an acid; acid-forming.
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1. Sour; sharp to the taste
2. Relating to an acid.
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Q. Why should I take folic acid? I heard that it is recommended for women to take folic acid every day. Should I take it even if I am not pregnant?

A. Folic acid is a B vitamin promoted mainly as part of a healthy diet to reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects (such as spina bifida and anencephaly), some types of cancer, and heart disease. It has also been studied for use in Alzheimer's disease and in chronic fatigue syndrome. While evidence of its ability to reduce neural tube defects in infants (when taken by the mother before and during pregnancy) is fairly strong, its effects against other conditions are still under study.

Q. Why to take Folic Acid during pregnancy? I am in the beginning of my pregnancy and the Doctor told me to take Folic Acid every day, why?

A. Folic acid can reduce your risk of having a baby with a serious birth defect of the brain and spinal cord, called the “neural tube.” A baby with spina bifida, the most common neural tube defect, is born with a spine that is not closed. The exposed nerves are damaged, leaving the child with varying degrees of paralysis, incontinence, and sometimes mental retardation. Recommended daily dose of Folic acid is 600 mcg.

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Q. Which foods contain folic acid? I was told by my Doctor to take folic acid. Which foods are rich with folic acid so I can add them to my diet?

A. Folic acid is a B vitamin found in many vegetables, beans, fruits, whole grains, and in fortified breakfast cereals.

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At any time, a combination of high-purine foods, insufficient fluids, insufficient opportunities to urinate, and overly acidic urine might cause the formation of urate uroliths.
Participants with the metabolic syndrome had highly acidic urine, compared with those without the syndrome.
Acidic urine is the primary problem in 80% of patients with uric acid stones, so the aim is to get the urinary pH between 6 and 6.5, he explained.
A diet low in the minerals that form the crystals and produces an acidic urine to help dissolve them will usually stop the problem.
In calcium oxalate stone formers, an acidic urine is desirable, but urate stone formers should achieve an alkaline urine to prevent uric acid crystals from forming stones.
One theory has been that cranberry juice creates and acidic urine that may discourage or even kill bacteria.
Animal-based proteins (such as chicken or beef) result in a more acidic urine, and DL-methionine is a common urinary acidifier added to many cat foods (DL-methionine is also an essential amino acid).
The role of urine pH appears to be the most important factor influencing uric acid solubility and stone formation with supersaturation noted at a pH less than 6.[sup.1] Various clinical conditions promote acidic urine, including chronic diarrhea, excessive purine intake and gouty diathesis (idiopathic low urine pH).
A Dogs have acidic urine, which can burn grass if it's always done on the same patch, so you must train him to go further afield.
People with type 2 (non--insulin-dependent) diabetes have highly acidic urine, a metabolic feature that explains their greater risk for developing uric acid kidney stones, according to a study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.