acidic amino acid

a·ci·dic a·mi·no ac·id

an amino acid with a second acid moiety, for example, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, cysteic acid.
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3, indicating that they formed the bulk of the amino acids; total acidic amino acid (TAAA) ranged from 27.
By studying all genotypes P7 fragment of E2, we found its specific characters: there are many prolines in P7 fragment (15%~20%), making the peptide unique tertiary structure; the basic amino acid could strengthen the affinity with ZE2 while acidic amino acid could weaken this combination.
As indicated, an acidic amino acid is one that contains within its residue a carboxylic acid group symbolized by--C(O)OH (see Chart 5).
A substitution at residue 156(G156E) shows a neutral to acidic amino acid change similar to those observed in some other Beijing/262-like viruses.
According to the present invention, a cDNA can be obtained encoding the amino acid sequence of aminopeptidase GX suitable for producing a highly hydrolized product from a starting material containing a protein and peptide having a high acidic amino acid content.
Under physiologic conditions, large amounts of EAAS are stored in intracellular compartments; the EAA concentrations in the cytoplasm of brain cell are conspicuously higher than those in the extracellular space, a gradient maintained by acidic amino acid carriers present in both presynaptic and glial plasma membranes.
Comparison of amino acid sequences of chondroitin sulfate attachment sites in different proteoglycans (Table 1) led to a consensus sequence--a-a-a-x-S-G-x-G--with at least one acidic amino acid "a" and variable amino acids "x".
It has 17 strong basic amino acids, 14 strongly acidic amino acids, 52 hydrophobic amino acids and 43 polar amino acids.
Uptake of dipeptides containing basic and acidic amino acids by rat small intestine in vitro.
The differences found for the acidic amino acids (aspartic and glutamic acids) and glycine between tissue and shell organic matter suggest these compounds may not be ideal for direct interpretation of dietary signals when soft tissue analogs are unavailable (i.
The AA score as shown in table 6 showed co-fermented mixture having higher scores in all the amino acids except in acidic amino acids and serine where fermented maize had higher scores.
Acidic amino acids also either was shown inhibitory effect on two dermatophytes that the acid aspartic inhibitory effects on microsporium gypseum growth were determined in pandy study [2].