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not readily decolorized by acids after staining; said of bacteria, especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
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"Acid-proof cabins on our underground drill rigs have been FOPS-compliant since 2005, but ROPS certification is an important complement to the existing standard safety features on all our Next Generation drill rigs," said Jan Petzold, director of underground drilling at Sandvik Mining.
Stainless steel used in the construction of acid-proof cabins has not previously been able to satisfy the strength requirements for ROPS compliance.
Designed in acid-proof stainless steel, Landia's pump has a shredder propeller and extended knife system, which can handle guts, heads and even whole fish -- without the downtime of breakdowns or delays caused by clogging.
Tenders are invited for delivery of laboratory stools made of acid-proof steel and chromed metal for the premises of the medical university of lodz, ul.
The range of caramel products being produced include spirit caramel, positive ('ammonia') caramel, negative (acid-proof) caramel and the C Gold range of caramelised syrups and burnt sugar, which are used widely in the brewing and confectionery industries.
other requirements: the fasteners and bolts with pressure-saturated material must either be stainless or acid-proof. the suitability of the materials must be demonstrated separately for the customer prior to the construction of work platforms.
gauntlets acid-proof 5050o invitations (see the attached file) 36 pairs (, )
2 wafer flange dn250 / pn63 with electric drive including flanges and gaskets and bolts with nuts - body: Cast steel, - disk: Acid-proof steel, - sealing: Flexible plastic or metal, - double-sided tightness class a according to en 12266-1, - drive: Electric regulation aumatic sar07.6 / am01.1 / gs100 / vz4.3.
Sandvik is set to launch what it says is the industry's maiden ROPS compliant acid-proof underground drilling cabins.